5 ways to improve your understanding of SPM Assets and asset management planning.

New team member or experienced asset manager, here are 5 ways SPM Assets can help you improve your understanding of asset management.

1. Virtual online training: Our dedicated software trainer will get your new staff member familiar with the basics in SPM Assets software. This covers essentials such as navigation, data analysis, and reporting.

2. Personalised training: This face-to-face training session helps your organisation get the most out of the SPM Assets software. The training includes live software demonstrations and hands-on exercises that are customised to the type of software user. A training database is made available for new users so they can practice what they’ve learned in a safe environment, without altering your organisation’s data file. 

3. Get to know your Success Manager: You have access to a Customer Success Manager in Australia and New Zealand, whenever you need them. They are here to enhance your experience and ensure you get the most out of SPM Assets - with the primary purpose of helping you achieve your asset management objectives.  Contact us  or your Customer Success Manager directly - Jose Litre  for New Zealand or  Sarah Hayman-O'Reilly  for Australia.

4. Regional User Groups: Both Australia and New Zealand run User Groups throughout the year, which are complimentary for our customers to attend. These sessions are highly customer-oriented as they target the day-to-day challenges you face in your role. The topics are driven by the needs of attendees, who can nominate the issues they’d like to discuss. Expect hands-on discussions, demos, updates on new features in our software, and some great networking. See the Regional User Group event schedule.

5. Annual Australasian Conference:  This complimentary, invitation-only event for our customers is where leading asset managers across Australia and New Zealand come together to learn, exchange and grow. Conference topics include customer success stories, asset management insights, what’s hot with SPM Assets software, and more. Read more about our annual  asset management event .