Collaborate for Success in Asset Management - Learn How

Last month’s launch of Stories by SPM Assets met with an enthusiastic uptake from many of our customers. It’s already proving to be a valuable collaboration tool on all aspects of asset management, as it’s easy for users to access and comment on centralised asset information.

If you’re wondering how Stories would benefit you in your role – and your organisation as a whole – here are some use cases so you can envision Stories in action. Stories was created to support you in demonstrating your value and expert recommendations to your organisation’s stakeholders. The following examples demonstrate how Stories can be used to explain a problem, make a recommendation, and share to gain feedback.

Use case #1: Is it more cost-effective to replace or maintain fire extinguishers?

In Australia, fire extinguishers are expensive to maintain with statutory pressure tests required every five years.

A Facilities Manager compared and analysed the costs of maintaining a fire extinguisher versus replacing it every five years, and created a Story explaining the issue. Stories also let him easily pull graphs from SPM Assets software to compare the costs and average expenditure.

Use case

Stories makes it easy to compare and present data to make your case more compelling.

The above screenshot shows in the story where the Facilities Manager has compared two lifecycle forecasts for the fire extinguishers scenarios - maintained versus replaced. These graphs have been pulled from the SPM Assets software and accompanied by commentary to set the scene of the scenario for the stakeholder reading the story.

Use case

Get feedback from stakeholders within your organisation with Stories’ powerful collaboration features.

The Facilities Manager concluded the Story with his recommendation being to purchase new extinguishers every five years. A drawer appears on the right hand side of the story to make comments & assign tasks to stakeholders. The Facilities Manager has commented his progress and that he has shared the Story with stakeholders to gain feedback and feedback is due by 30 September 2019.

  • Inform and collaborate with key stakeholders.
  • Quickly gather and share data, using words, graphs and photos.
  • Be the hero in your organisation, by demonstrating how you can crate cost savings. 

Use case #2: Making a business case for roof replacement

In this example, the roof of a building was showing signs of damage, and the Asset Manager wanted to analyse whether the roof needed replacing, or if repairing the roof would be sufficient.

The Asset Manager conducted an inspection, which included taking photos that she uploaded into Stories. She also added data, commentary, and background information. She added a photo of the building to the top of her story which will help those who do not know the building, envision it and the scenario better. Her commentary gives some background and sets the scene for the reader. As little or as much text that is required can be added. Next, she has inserted a close up photo of the roof.

Stories makes it easy to combine words and photos to create a shareable business case.

Additionally, the Asset Manager inserted data on the assessed condition profile for roofing components from SPM Assets into her story, so that stakeholders have all necessary information at their fingertips.

Use case 2.2-2

Insert asset condition data into Stories to give stakeholders all the data they need.

The Asset Manager concluded the Story with her recommended asset protection process, which was to repair damaged areas and repaint the entire roof. She then shared the story with her colleagues and was able to keep track of responses and questions via Stories.

  • Quickly gather and share data from other SPM Assets modules with your colleagues. 
  • Create a compelling business case by combining wors with photos and other data. 
  • Get notified of updates and changes - and know who to follow up with. 

Summary and next steps

Read more about Stories here, and see a demo of Stories in action. 

If you'd like to find out more about using the Stories asset management tool in your organisation, contact your Account  Manager. Or if you're new to SPM Assets, contact our Australian, New Zealand, or United States office. You'll find contact details here