AI meets AI - thoughts from Wouter Pels

Alarm:   Beep Beep Beep !

Persona: ..arch...yawn... (looks for glasses and phone)  

Persona: Good morning Assista, latest update please.

Assista: Good morning [..] I have 9 updates worth your attention. 

Persona: Give me your top 3 please.

Assista: Would you prefer the good or the bad news first [..] ?

Persona: ... well lets start with the bad..

Assista: Ok, highest priority item impact scale minus 75:

Assista: During upgrade works coded EHUG-434, Maternity Ward, Eastland Hospital, Lupdem,

Asbestos was found in the roof and wall areas around the emergency generator. All works hav e been halted. Three optimised intervention options have been calculated and prepared for presentation in meeting room 3 at 9:30 am. Would you like me to Accept this meeting for you?...

Persona: ..Ok, Accept meeting and now give me the good news please.

Assista: Contract preparation "Scott Stadium" has been recalculated using the alternative schedules of our maintenance contractor and ends up 20% under the initially estimated quote.  


15 years ago I started to bring SPM’s assets data to the cloud (www), to visualise the findings and make them easy, accessible and shareable in the webrowser. Exciting years, in an environment you would call ‘startup’ nowadays. We learnt that ‘Agile' and ‘Lean' are necessary practices to survive, not just fancy BuzzWords indicating IT processes.

Through the years the company has evolved and grown significantly. My role(s) changed along a technical IT path, taking me slowly further away from our clients, their environment, their direct needs and wishes. My new role will enable me to step aside of the IT crowd slightly, into a more public arena so I can really find out how you interact with the software we have created. To witness again what is important for you and see more clearly how we can best help you get to the next stage. 

To reach these ends and make SPM's offering more complete, we are working on some exciting new initiatives.

AI will be part of our new developments however we don't expect it will replace the Asset Manager anytime soon. The unique combination of portfolio, usage, specifics and outcomes are a challenge to place in context. Wisdom and experience will always be required to balance out reality and projections.

So it’s unlikely 'Assista' will be the very next Innovation we launch, but we are deeply thinking about the conversations it would have with you and how we can teach it to act as a truly valuable assistant, with access to assets data, consulting experience and any other relevant sources of knowledge. Our challenge is to train Assista to become an assistant who can sift out important information without you having to analyse sheets of data yourself. To achieve this we will require insight into your planning, and need feedback information on what is actually happening out "in the field”. This way we can identify the risks which could potentially influence your planning and services.

AI meets AI