Making SPM Assets work better for you

I've done a lifecycle analysis - "What am I supposed to do now?"

This question has come to us more than once over the years. In response to this we developed the Project-Planning module - which helps you to filter out the assets which are critical and in a concerning state. You can group them together by type, risk, trade and location and produce a project for each of them. The project can then be planned and executed and SPM Assets has the ability to update the assets so they will happily cycle further in time.

This is a simple approach and it works, especially if you have yet to establish planned renewal procedures. Besides renewal, other drivers or circumstances will influence your planned work, at which point planning becomes more complicated. We see in many cases that our customers go back to a spreadsheet when developing their projects.

Working with spreadsheets is what we’d like to avoid - software better manages knowledge and understanding that can be lost within spreadsheets. Standardisation, transparency and collaboration can be lost with common spreadsheet software. 

At SPM Assets we have identified the need for a better way to more easily plan and visualise projects over time. We are currently developing a “magic” app which may just  force many of those planning spreadsheets into retirement.  

If you have your planned works nicely ordered in a spreadsheet, possibly partly populated by the SPM Assets software, we would love to learn more from you. This is to ensure we develop the right solution for the right user. You are invited to be part of a new application User Group which will have first access to the new product by October 2018. 

Let’s make SPM Assets work better for you.