Programs by SPM Assets - soft launch

Do any of the following scenarios sound like challenges you face in your role?

  • You need to provide and follow a simple works program.
  • You need to create and implement a sophisticated multi-year Asset Management Plan.
  • Your asset data is inaccurate, incomplete – or non-existent.
  • You deal with a whole lot of spreadsheets (and various versions of them) to compile your plan. 
  • You have a large company-wide system in place that should do all of the analysis and planning tasks – but it’s not done in a way you think is useful.
  • You need clear reporting on the triple bottom line.
  • You’re enthusiastic about trialling and improving something new that can help you in your role. 

If you relate to any of the above, then we would love to invite you try Programs by SPM Assets.

Programs by SPM Assets

Using Programs you will be able to:

  • Plan your 2019 calendar year or 2020 FY list of projects in a more strategic way
  • To do this, you can use drivers, budgets, estimated costs, and evidence to sort your top projects 
  • The end result will be a list of ‘adopted’ projects that meets your FY20 budget and beyond
  • You can then start tracking their completion (by entering actual monthly costs) progressively during the year
  • Each project manager can enter data directly into their assigned projects monthly to keep track of costs versus budgets 
  • You will be able to report across different portfolios, divisions, and categorisations to provide compelling reports and dashboards 


When your trial is successful and you are convinced Programs works for you we will offer a 2 year licence for a special rate of 50% of the normal price. We will need to limit the number of customers to make this work, so act fast if you want to take part. Contact us today.