Programs by SPM Assets will help bring your Annual Plan and LTP alive

SPM Assets has been involved in the LTP process for a number of New Zealand councils for a number of years, and we are confident that our next generation planning application will have quite an impact with the lead up to the 2021 LTP submissions to Central Government.

Whether you are involved with Councils, government agencies, health providers, corporate real estate organisations, FM providers and community housing associations, you will benefit from our embedded expertise to guide you through the strategic asset management planning process for capital works. This compliments your current project management software through breathing life into your project information across all programs and activities across your organisation. It has also been designed to work with the special spreadsheets you may have created to manage and report your projects.

We see an exiting future for Programs. It will be provided on the SPM Platform which enables it to interact with your existing asset data and use our recognised analytics.  This combination makes it possible to show the impact of project timing on asset performance, finally being able to recognise the outcomes from completed projects and report the associated risks.

We live in a fast moving, uncertain and competitive world. When all your projects are screaming for more time and money it puts the entire program (not to mention you) under intense pressure. Enter Programs by SPM Assets. It's project portfolio management entwined with live data scenario planning for the first time. The result is transparency and clarity like never before - leaving the whole team aligned on priorities - now that’s the joy of prioritised project planning.

Programs by SPM Assets

If LTP or AP caught your eye and you reached this line in the article, we would like to point out that SPM Assets is a sponsor of the LAPA conference held from 31 October to 02 November in Invercargill. We will have a preview version of this new product and will be happy to demonstrate and hear your comments.