SPM Assets well received at the ServiceNow Forum

SPM Assets is an official ServiceNow partner, and it’s a great achievement for our Lifecycle application to be available on their Store.

The ‘Now’ Forum was a fantastic opportunity for us to meet with and demonstrate our Lifecycles Application to many of the attendees. The Forum’s goal was to “to learn how to work better”, and to achieve this, ServiceNow provided an interactive environment that was designed to allow delegates to meet with experts, learn best practices, and explore tools and resources. It was great to engage with delegates who could immediately see how our use of data and the embedded analytics within the SPM Assets Lifecycle application could deliver on their goals.

The success of the ServiceNow Platform has been largely due to the innovative use of technology integration to deliver outcomes for an organisation’s internal customers, such as asset and facilities managers. The ability for a customer to provide and or receive data across applications on the Now Platform will enable organisations to access and optimise ‘best of breed’ applications, such as Lifecycles by SPM Assets. The Now Platform facilitates a seamless integration between these systems, and SPM Assets sees this as a great way to integrate our applications with other systems, such as the Works Management and Finance systems that these organisations use.

It was interesting that many of the delegates were senior business managers and IT specialists, not the usual facilities and asset managers we traditionally engage with in client organisations. These attendees got a glimpse of how data could be better passed to and from the SPM Assets applications to make the integrated systems work better for their asset and facility managers.

A number of large national and multinational organisations have followed up their discussions with us at the Forum, and we are now looking to confirm and deliver the value our applications can provide via the Now Platform.

While Lifecycles by SPM Assets is the first of our applications to be available from the ServiceNow Store, we will be progressively adding the other applications over the coming months.