The whale, the butler and the future of SPM Assets

Time goes fast and technology advancement goes even faster, however SPM Assets has always taken pride in adopting the latest Open Source technologies for a better, secure and streamline user experience.

What does a whale have to do with it? We've introduced a few new technologies over the course of a the past few months including the renowned Docker whose mascot is a friendly looking blue whale.

So what's in it for you? It means more security for your data, faster browsing, higher service reliability and a better overall user experience.

What's in it for us? More opportunities, happier clients, reliable and secure environments.

Isn't it exciting? If that isn't enough then we have even greater news. In addition to the Docker we are now taking advantage of the latest features in Jenkins like declarative pipelines in conjunction with Ansible and Bitbucket for fast and reliable CI / CD cycle. It enables us to monitor every step during application deployment and testing with fast feedback and resolution on any issues that come along the way. It also provides scalability, which is essential for keeping up with the fast growing demands of businesses.

Docker Whale