Findings to date from the Programs focus group

Since the soft launch of our new Programs application at the end of last year, we’ve been busy running demos and feedback sessions with customers – it’s all very exciting! The feedback so far has been positive and very interesting. Thank you to those of you who have helped us so far, and we’re looking forward to utilising this information in our first release.

Here are some of our findings to date:

  • All customers in our focus group mainly use spreadsheets for the next year’s planning.
  • Some customers experience real pain while maintaining and sharing their planning spreadsheets.
  • All customers like the concept of having the plan in one place, so that it’s easy to share and easy to audit.
  • Most customers have unique requirements related to the way their data is held, and their reporting requirements.
  • All of our focus group customers would like to see a direct integration with SPM Assets.  

We have taken all of this into account and prioritised our developments accordingly. At the moment we are working on customisable attributes to ensure all data can be held within Programs and can be reported on. We are also excited about the trial of a new BI tool on top of the Programs database to provide the reporting and data interrogation capability.

If you want to find out more, or want to be part of the Programs focus group, please contact us.