Saastr 2019 - where the Cloud meets

The SaaStr event is called ‘the SaaStr Annual’ (see the website here) and includes over 300 sessions, brain dates and great opportunities to share ideas and stories. With the incredible success of SaaS companies like LinkedIn, SalesForce, ServiceNow, Slack, Trello, HubSpot and many more, there’s been a surge of SaaS companies startup over the past few years. Where many come and go within a couple of years, others have overnight success that takes 10 to 20 years. It’s a relatively new business model that financial markets are only recently coming to understand. Some may say it’s a bubble that will burst – but, those who are involved in the business area know that if the ‘customer’ is at the heart of everything we do, the product directly aligns to that customer’s needs, and it solves a real problem, then the business will be enduring, sustainable and long term.

To give an idea of what this is about, have a look at this video of one of the SaaStr Annual sessions – lessons on culture from Atlassian. See more videos from the event here.

Saastr NZ Delegation

Over the past couple of years, our customers would have noticed a number of changes to the SPM Assets product – these changes build on our deep domain knowledge, our industrial strength infrastructure, and the amazing team that we have across New Zealand, Australia and now the United States. Many of our functional improvements have come from inspirational stories shared at the SaaStr Annual and through other similar SaaS companies that were part of the New Zealand delegation.

This year they continued with the theme of ‘customer success’, and provided some great ideas on how we can further tailor our product to solve the real problems experienced by Asset and Facilities Managers – making their working lives more enjoyable through ‘simplifying asset management’, and ‘building asset intelligence’. Our Conferences in March 2019 will be presenting the new initiatives along with some big unveilings and announcements.