The Future of SaaS Applications - Who Will Win?

This is the topic that Steve Lyons will facilitate during our upcoming SPM Assets conferences in Auckland and Sydney in March. Who Will Win

We believe that organisations of all sizes will eventually embrace SaaS applications that make a real difference to how you work. We are already seeing this with our own SPM Assets software and will see it even more with our upcoming new SaaS product later this year. Yes as a CIO you would like to have one system that does everything – even though it’s an 80% fit with the business needs – the business will adjust – yes? Will this efficiency win over the innovation provided through smart business focused applications that are connected? 

We think we know the answer to this – especially when looking forward over the coming 2 to 5 years. Our SaaS applications operating within the ecosystems of your corporate software – if you need a smart risk based lifecycle model, then switch on the SPM application. So, what do you think – what are you experiencing – what works well now and what do you expect and want over the next 5 years? Come along to our conferences and share your thinking.