Access your database quickly and easily with QR codes

Did you know that QR codes can be generated directly from SPM Assets - Property screen? The primary proposed use of the QR code is making information on asbestos hazards available to nominated people who visit buildings to do physical work on site, e.g. an electrician replacing a switchboard that contains asbestos materials.

As an Asset Manager you constantly deal with the challenge of contractors in the field needing information from your systems to do their work. It might be just a simple indication of what is required or where it's required. In many cases, a phone or email will be used to deliver this kind of information in a static report distributed manually as required.

We have found that customers have the recurring headache of "…If only the contractor could see what is in our system right now..." and then the even bigger headache, " do we make that possible?"

If only it were this easy; you take out your phone, scan a code conveniently located on the building or in an email, and the information appears on your screen.

SPM Assets has made this a reality with our new feature: QR codes within our software.

What are QR codes?

QR codes are widely used to provide more detailed information – you have seen them on consumer products and print advertisements. When you scan the code on your mobile device, the browser will open and display more information about the particular product or advertised event.  

How QR code technology works within the SPM Assets platform

You can now use QR codes to simplify access to the information in your database. A QR code can be generated for a property within the SPM Assets platform. When this code is scanned it will open the browser and ask you for your login details: this keeps your data safe and only available to authorised users. As a further security measure, we can provide you with an audit record to register which user scanned a particular code at a particular time. 

After authorisation, a report will be served to the browser. This report can, for example, identify hazards that a contractor has to take into account before undertaking work on a building.

The QR code can be printed on special durable labels and applied to the physical building, or sent in digital form through email and reports.

If you are interested in using QR codes in your SPM Assets configuration, please contact us here.