Creating a compelling AMP

A great story can convey meaning well beyond just the words on a page. SPM Assets will shortly be releasing Stories, our new product built for you to create your own persuasive Asset Management Plan (AMP) in collaboration with your stakeholders.

Many of our clients have the planning challenge – how to quickly deliver a cohesive AMP. Collecting information, creating a draft, gathering feedback and finalising the plan isn’t a simple task, not to mentioned having to deliver the plan yesterday. This is where Stories comes in.

We understand that you can’t plan for everything or you’ll never get started. Therefore, Stories doesn’t require you to collect all the required data and work out everything at once. Stories has been designed to enable you to just start writing the plan with what you know today and build up your evidence in key focus areas as you go.

You can’t plan in isolation either and the old ways of gathering feedback from stakeholders were too slow and time-consuming, ultimately costing your organisation money. Recognising this has led us to include collaboration functions in to Stories were there will be a dedicated collaboration space to share and collect feedback from your stakeholders. Improving the plan and making changes will be quicker and easier too.

There are a lot more benefits you gain from using Stories. Here’s a few: 

  • Reduce writing time: quickly develop your story from the built-in templates aligned to ISO 55000.
  • Quickly gather data: users of Assets by SPM Assets will be able to link to their existing data and drill down to gain further insights for their AMPs.
  • Aligns your AMP to ISO 55000, out of the box: with little effort your plan will be aligned to industry best practice and ISO 55000. Giving you the confidence that you have everything covered.

We were excited with the feedback Stories has received from clients at our Auckland and Sydney conferences. It’s a more compelling way to deliver and gain feedback on your AMP. Stories from SPM Assets will be available shortly to clients using our Advanced Reporting or Self-Service Reporting modules.

Creating a compelling, accurate AMP quickly is a big challenge. Stories has been designed to make it easy to collaboratively create your own.

If you'd like us to contact you once Stories is available, please enter your details through the contact page and enter the word 'Stories' in the message field.