New Integration Partner - BOOMPower

Are you maximizing your energy opportunities? If not, we can help.

Do you understand how your property portfolio currently uses energy? Is this something you currently measure? Is reducing energy costs in the ‘just too hard’ basket? Or on the to-do list, but never gets the attention it deserves?

We’d like to introduce you to the BOOM! software platform - our newest Integration Partner.

BOOM! Makes Energy Easy.

Property condition assessments using SPM Assets can now produce detailed business cases for solar, storage and energy efficiency solutions in BOOM. The platform helps you quickly and easily make energy retrofit investment decisions across your portfolio, competitively procure those solutions from pre-qualified suppliers and installers (you can even nominate your own) and manage your energy into the future at the touch of a button.

Together, we are making it easy and affordable for organisations to implement energy retrofits without high consultancy costs and difficult decision-making processes.

Integration Overview


Simultaneously conducting onsite condition assessments and energy audits:

  • Saves 75% of the time ordinarily required for energy retrofits end-to-end (The BOOM team have automated their consulting business, so have tracked and measured this)
  • Reduces energy costs by up to 70%
  • Minimises disruption to tenants or facility users and provides transparent decision-making and sharing of the costs and benefits between landlords and tenants
  • Supports your procurement policies, by providing an integrated e-tendering platform for multiple quotes – saving you and the contractors time by providing images of existing site conditions, and sizing and specifications of products to tenderers
  • Allows you to benchmark, monitor, measure and verify the energy costs and benefits of your portfolio, gaining live insights into when and where to upgrade

Customer Success - Common Equity Housing Limited 

Common Equity Housing Limited (CEHL) wanted to improve the energy efficiency of its property portfolio. To do this it was able to access Victorian Government Maintenance Stimulus funding. For the planning and delivery of the works, as a long time user of SPM Assets, it made sense for CEHL to utilise the SPM Assets and BOOM integration.

The API between SPM Assets and the BOOM platform enabled data needed for the procurement process to be sent automatically to BOOM. With this, CEHL was able to prepare comprehensive tender documentation containing critical information about the assets to be upgraded.

As well as future-proofing its properties, CEHL is working to reduce energy costs for renters and improve their lives through the provision of more comfortable and affordable housing. 

“The integration has enabled CEHL to prepare its biggest bulk procurement tender ever, with access to reliable asset information from SPM and a comprehensive tendering platform in BOOM!. We look forward to using the interface more in the near future to identify, procure and deliver more energy efficiency improvements across our assets to reduce living costs and meet our strategic goals.”

Meg George, Manager – Asset Management
Common Equity Housing Limited

To learn more about how the SPM Assets and BOOM! integration could benefit your organisation contact us.