Get the most out of Project Planning

Unlock what could be the hidden gem of the SPM Assets software.

Are you using the Project Planning module in the most effective way? Or, are you thinking of adding it to your asset management toolkit? There are many ways this function can support your asset management planning activities – here are a few that we know will make a difference. 

1. Forecast the changing condition over time – from a portfolio to component group level. So that you can set the standard and monitor the condition of a building

2. Create a ‘planned project’ using the evidence from a condition survey and resulting lifecycle analysis – assign components to a project. So that you can move from component level analysis to project-level decision making.

3. Show the difference between the lifecycle forecast and the associated budget – set a budget each year that’s aligned with your business plan. So that you can see future funding shortfalls.

4. Move components to fit within budgets automatically – inbuilt algorithms consider condition and criticality to move components. So that you can smooth your lifecycle costs in a scientific way.  

5. Interrogate the component data and produce a range of charts and tables for exporting to CSV – applying multiple filters. So that you can see the impact of various planning scenarios.  

6. Create an immediate works programme to address the highest risk components – filtering risk scores together with the lifecycle results to isolate specific components at the highest risk. So that you can target works at risk buildings.


The numbers above correlate to the points above. 


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