Smart Work Orders

An SPM Assets customer is utilising our Work Order (WO) function in a smart new way.  

“As a Facility Manager and using this approach, I can now easily identify any type of defect with my iPad as part of my day job. I can gather a range of information about the defect including photos and automatically link it to a space, building, or room. Keeping all of this information within the SPM Asset software makes the downstream analysis and reporting so much more valuable. I can now compare issues raised and compare them to the condition profiles, risk models and lifecycle results to determine what we should do. Using the enhanced Work Order function in this way now significantly reduces the number of formal Work Orders that would have been raised in the Works-Management System and I can now be more selective with which issues make it through to become a Work Order. Best of all, I have the evidence to support a larger project if needed.”

Should you be using Work Orders in this way to save time? This is an example of how we have configured the software to meet the needs of this customer.

Simply by editing the user-defined fields available in the Work Order function, an SPM Assets customer has been able to expand the work order function to efficiently document building defects. The SPM Assets Work Order user-defined fields have been pivotal to providing value to this customer through the ability to quickly categorise concerns relating to building defects. The user has highlighted these benefits that have contributed to their success of using the SPM work order function for this task:

  • The association of the work order to a property record provides an accurate location reference point with the latitude and longitude fields ideal for assets located in external (outside) areas on large properties.
  • Detailed comments can be included in the ‘description’ field.
  • The user-defined fields allow for a personalised series of categories that identifies root cause, actions, recommendations and the ability to monitor progress.
  • The ‘urgency’ field combined, with the ability to flag if the concern is health and safety related assists with prioritisation.
  • Adding a photo for reference improves accuracy of identifying the asset and provides a visual representation of the concern.
  • Reporting functionality is very easy to use and gives the ability to share the information with other key stake holders who will be involved in managing the rectification requirements.

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An example of a defect logged using the SPM Assets Work Order function.