UNSW's experience with Progams by SPM Assets

The Problem

As a newly appointed Program Manager for a large organisation, you have been asked to urgently prepare a 5 year capital investment plan to secure funding from the government. You were given a dodgy looking USB stick along with some user names and passwords. The USB contains multiple versions of the 5 year capital investment plan, ranging from draft, version 1, final, final final etc. Where should you start? Having access to the right project information across all departments is near to impossible - this seems to be a common problem faced by Program Managers around the world.

Our customer at The University of New South Wales, faced a similar reality only just last year during budget forecast and development. UNSW is one of Australia's leading research and teaching universities. Their main campus is located on a 38-hectare site at Kensington. They also have a number of other large campuses around Australia as well as satellite campuses and research institutes.

The Solution

Already a customer of SPM Assets, UNSW joined the Programs focus group looking for a solution to this problem. Programs by SPM Assets has brought all of their project information together in one place. This makes it easier to analyse report and share information across project managers, asset managers, departments and the organisation as a whole.

How can Programs by SPM Assets be used to solve the problem?

  • Programs by SPM Assets is used to plan FY20 to FY24 capital investment projects in a more strategic way.
  • Drivers, risks, budgets, and other built-in smart as evidence to prioritise projects.
  • The end result is a list of projects that can be ‘adopted’ projects for the next Financial Year and the following four Financial Years.
  • Next, start tracking projects completion progressively during the year. Share the projects with the assigned project manager and request information to be entered directly into their assigned projects monthly to keep track of costs versus budgets.
  • With a simple click of a button report across different portfolios, divisions, and categorisations to provide compelling reports and dashboards that even pleases a demanding Director.
  • If new supporting information becomes available, easily update the existing projects.

UNSW's feedback from the focus group

  • I found that it much easier, more enjoyable and quicker to simply prioritise my projects within Programs by SPM Assets.
  • Easy to use, very intuitive with a very small level of initial training.
  • I know where all of my projects are at anytime.
  • Simple and compelling reports and dashboards.
  • High level of configuration/personalisation.
  • Less than 10 clicks to set up a new planning board from pre-prepared csv file.