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Enhance the Core - choose from a range of modules to help you assess + analyse + plan




Having selected the Core System you can now choose from a range of modules to expand your asset management capability. We have divided the modules based on whether they assist you to assess, analyse or plan your assets.

We are happy to help you to assess which modules will work best for you.  One of the most popular is Mobile, as it sits alongside the Core to enable fast, accurate in-field data collection using tablet technology. 

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  • Self-Service Reporting

    gives you the ability to create your own interactive, graphical and tabular reports with easy-to-use drag-and-drop. Learn more

  • Property Quality Standards (PQS)

    enables you to define a level of service for an asset at a property level and then make an assessment of performance against that standard. Learn more

  • Tenancy Reporting

    advanced property condition reporting for landlords, tenants and property owners to assess a property on a standard set of component assets before and after occupation. Learn more 

  • Web Services

    an Application Programming Interface (API) that enables you to seamlessly connect SPM Assets' software into existing programmes. Learn more


  • Mobile

    is a revolutionary solution that enables you to complete in-field surveys quickly and accurately using the latest cloud and tablet technology. Learn more

  • Advanced Data

    enables you to configure fields within the data model, complete bulk-updates across the database as well as seamlessly import and export data for manipulation in other systems. Learn more

  • Advanced Security

    offers organisations the opportunity to create a wide range of permissions, access rights and password controls. Learn more


  • Advanced Lifecycle

    enables you to make informed decisions around the optimum level of maintenance for an asset and the timing of its replacement. Learn more

  • Maintenance Planner

    enables you to understand not only the best-practice for maintaining assets but to calculate the cost benefit of maintaining the asset over its lifetime versus replacement. Learn more

  • Project Planning

    develops a works programme that is both meaningful and realistic given the time, resources and budget you have available. Learn more


While you are free to populate your database with your own references we offer a range of pre-populated reference libraries that will give you a head-start in establishing a best-practice database.

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