Asset Lifecycle Analysis - Identify Future Investment Decisions decisions

Asset Lifecycle Analysis - Identify Future Investment Decisions decisions

SPM Assets’ lifecycle analysis will identify your key strategic decisions and supply the essential data to help you make the call: maintain, upgrade, or buy.

Utilizing data we’ve been gathering since 2001, covering $150b of physical assets, we’ll predict your potential expenditure over any period. This allows you to understand your exposure to risk, and assists with the development of your works program. You’ll understand where you are likely to need to spend money (components and locations) and the key risks you need to address, now and in the future.

Our asset lifecycle analysis will help inform your real-life decisions in a way that’s practical, actionable, and scientifically calculated.

The Benefits Of Asset Lifecycle Management

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Resource on call

Quickly fill a capacity and capability gap with recognised expertise.

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Knowledge on call

We help you interpret your asset data and provide a different perspective.

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Proven technology

Best practice world-class asset planning at everyone's fingertips.

Our Service Capabilities

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Domain knowledge

Expertise across multiple portfolio types: education, housing, government, etc.

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Reference library

Up to date asset reference libraries, providing access to over $150b of asset data.

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Proven methodology

Deep domain knowledge effectively working and growing since 2001.

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