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Hospital management teams: Do your current asset management systems make it difficult to understand the condition of your assets?

And do you need a clearer understanding of future maintenance requirements for your investment and funding decisions?

Or are you facing challenges such as asbestos removal, leaky buildings, or seismic strengthening – and wondering how to balance this work with investment in other healthcare assets?

Hospital and healthcare asset management has always been a challenging task, balancing the funding needs of buildings versus equipment and other key financial decisions. And with recent news stories of healthcare and hospital facilities needing asbestos removal, seismic strengthening, or leaky building remediation, the challenge is that much greater. How to balance – and fund – these urgent needs, whilst continuing to invest in crucial healthcare equipment and services?

Your solution: healthcare asset management software and services

SPM Assets has developed healthcare and hospital asset management software, backed by our team of consultants and surveyors to assist you with the surveys, implementation, and strategic advice. SPM Assets has extensive experience in health services asset management.

Assessing building assets is relatively straightforward; the complexity in healthcare asset management is assessing the biomedical assets. Biomedical hospital assets are unique in nature, as their replacement is typically driven by technological obsolescence, maintainability, supportability, and changing service delivery. SPM Assets understands this, and our hospital asset management software can be configured to provide suitable database structures to make the asset register meaningful and useful.

Having an up-to-date, meaningful, relevant and consolidated healthcare asset register makes health facilities management that much easier.  What’s more, our hospital asset management software will shorten decision cycles and clarify the process of choosing between projects to finance. The reporting functionality uses scientific, evidence-based data to back up your funding recommendations to hospital management. This is particularly helpful should you need additional funding to achieve your asset management goals.

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Hospital and healthcare asset management software, consulting & surveying. Contact us for a free consultation.

Benefits of SPM Assets’ hospital and health services asset management solutions:


Keep healthcare assets operational for longer

The planning and maintenance software will enable you to keep building, biomedical and healthcare assets functional and relevant for the longest possible period.


Easy to use planning tools

Minimal training is required to use the range of sophisticated asset planning tools for hospital asset management.


Invest in the right project at the right time

Reporting tools make it easier for you to decide which hospital facility management projects are the priority in the long-term as well as the short-term.


Maintenance plans & works programs

SPM Assets software will allow you to generate maintenance plans and works programs for your hospital facilities and other assets as far into the future as you wish.


Manage your hospital maintenance budget with confidence

Our reporting and analysis tools use scientific, evidence-based data, giving you confidence in knowing that you’re following the right approach in your health services asset management.

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