What are Levels of Service, and why are they important?

Levels of Service are a fundamental building block of asset management planning. Here’s how to get started with them.

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What are the on-going building lifecycle costs of a new building? (Clone)

Here’s a rule-of-thumb guide for on-going building lifecycle costs for new buildings, including operational & maintenance costs.

IPWEA Article - Why better asset management matters

This opinion article by IPWEA highlights the need for the discipline of Asset Management to be understood and embraced by the leadership of asset intensive businesses.

QR Codes used to provide property information to maintenance teams

Tāmaki Regeneration is taking an innovative approach, using QR codes to ensure their maintenance teams can access important property information.

SPM Assets Mobile Release - September 2020

The latest release of the SPM Assets Mobile product is now available, benefits include improved navigation and additional filtering functionality.

Spreadsheet risk: is your asset management potentially exposed?

Many businesses are looking closely at how they operate, and what changes need to be made to face the ‘new normal’ presented by Covid-19.

Four questions to understand if your asset management software is delivering value

For many organisations, especially in the social infrastructure industries, it’s important to look at the return on investment in broader terms rather than purely financial.

Brazil has produced more than the great Pele and Ayrton Senna

We are very pleased to announce that Diego Abrianos has joined the SPM Asset team as Chief Technology Officer.

Buildings.Plus - a solution to make sure that every public dollar goes further

IPWEA recently published an article in their Intouch newsletter on how Buildings.Plus is helping Local Government entities manage their assets, ensuring that every dollar is spent wisely, especially during these challenging Covid times.

Why a strategic approach to asset management has become even more compelling for social housing investment

Federal and state investment in all kinds of infrastructure projects has been one response to the Covid-19 crisis. Advocates are hoping that community housing is one area that will be included in this recovery investment – which focuses attention on how to manage this investment and the assets involved.


4 key steps to a firm foundation for your asset management

Every organisation, no matter what size, needs to keep track of its assets. They play a significant role in the operation of any organisation, so having accurate data to indicate what assets are available is essential. Without it, a company's ability to maximise asset use and reduce waste is limited.

Making your dollar go further: Why asset tracking is critical in an economic downturn

It’s great to see David’s (CEO IPWEA) message here – as a leading figure in the industry. David highlights the value of first knowing your assets at the right level of detail and where appropriate, tracking them as part of a digital transformation process.