How inflation impacts on unit rates in property asset management

High inflation levels make property asset management planning harder than ever. Here’s how to handle changes to unit rates.

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Why a strategic approach to asset management has become even more compelling for social housing investment

Find out why a strategic approach to asset management has become even more compelling for social housing investment.


4 key steps to a firm foundation for your asset management

Every organisation, no matter what size, needs to keep track of its assets. They play a significant role in the operation of any organisation, so having accurate data to indicate what assets are available is essential. Without it, a company's ability to maximise asset use and reduce waste is limited.

Making your dollar go further: Why asset tracking is critical in an economic downturn

David, CEO of IPWEA, highlights the value of first knowing your assets at right level of detail and tracking them as part of digital transformation process

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SPM Assets back in full swing

All of the SPM Assets teams in Australia and New Zealand worked through the lockdown, and now the Inspection teams are back at work too. During the lockdown we ran a series of 10 webinars which you may find useful to your asset management.

Building a strong foundation for your social housing investment strategy

Graham Hill considers how social housing providers can attract investment in existing and new developments, and looks at the challenges they face.

Free eBook: The definitive guide to property lifecycle asset management planning

This guide to property lifecycle asset management outlines key principles and considerations in the planning process that are buried in IPWEA guidelines

BGIS Case Studies - BAE and JORN

BGIS has partnered with SPM Assets to provide lifecycle intelligence to its facilities management clients across Australia and New Zealand.

Asset Management Webinar Series – recordings now available

Over April and May, the SPM Asset team ran a series of 10 webinars focusing on Asset Management Strategy and the SPM Asset software application.

How Asset Owners are responding to Covid-19

Yes – the world has changed. However, what hasn’t changed is the need for better asset utilisation and planning.

The key ingredients to achieving good asset management outcomes this is having solid data models and analytics to make informed decisions from.

Analytics of your Work Orders

Work order management can seem an overwhelming task: how to prioritise projects, and get onto the proactive tasks, when you’re constantly firefighting?
And how do you begin to get visibility of how effective your team really is?