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Automated IPNA report

IPNA Inspect is a tablet-based survey tool to collect condition and scope asset data.

Our automated IPNA report solution has been specifically designed for qualified providers to complete an Integrated Physical Needs Assessment (IPNA) quickly and efficiently. You no longer need to enter handwritten notes and manually populate the required documents – the data is automatically transferred into the regulated IPNA template required for submission.

IPNA Inspect eliminates errors and callbacks by checking the required asset data is collected, while the assessor is still onsite, eliminating return visits.

We’ve also included analytics and reporting capabilities to improve your decision making and provide increased visibility of property portfolios.


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Save time

Automatically populate the IPNA template - no manual data entry, no QA.

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Reduce errors

Direct asset data input on site is more efficient than relying on handwritten notes.

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Improve efficiency

Reduce call back by collecting the right building asset data first time around.


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Proven technology

Leveraging our standard mobile assessment application, successfully collecting physical asset data since 2005.

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Automated calculations

Replacement cost automatically calculated based on condition grade and evidence-based components lifecycle analysis, ready for review.

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Easy data transfer

Data collected can be reviewed and updated from another device, including desktop computers.

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