Introducing Stories: your new collaboration tool

Collaboratively create a compelling asset management plan

You spoke; we listened. You told us that creating an asset management plan is hard. That you typically spend an average of 15% to 25% of your working time researching and looking for data. But sharing that data is challenging, and getting participation and buy-in from other people in your organisation is difficult, with accurate communication being problematic.

Your solution: Stories

Stories is an additional module for SPM Assets asset management software. It’s a collaboration space where you can share your asset management related information, such as plans, scenarios, policies, and reports. It’s pre-populated with everything you need to get started quickly. And it’s so much easier than using emails or meetings to get data and support from people around your organisation.

What’s more, it’s easy and intuitive to combine words with data, reports, images, commentary and insights. As you collaborate, comments and changes are displayed within the shared document. Plus you’ll receive notifications when something’s being updated or commented on. You’ll even know who to chase up.



Encourage buy-in

Stories has a dedicated collaboration space where up to 50 users can either view or contribute to your asset plans or any other story you share. You will be able to assign and track users’ actions, keeping up to date and ensuring you can work in an agile manner with your stakeholders.

This space will help you generate common, consistent understanding across your entire organisation. You could even use it to store your policies and procedures so everybody has access to the most up to date versions.

Top-down or bottom-up planning

Produce an asset management plan without having bottom-up component level data. Using our templates you can build a compelling asset management plan at any level of maturity and will have the option to be better aligned with ISO 55000.

Transform your asset planning process

There is now a more modern, agile approach to create your plans. The lengthy all-inclusive plans can be relegated to the past. Working with all stakeholders you’ll be better positioned to deliver a targeted plan that’s more likely to succeed.

Even if you are using a collaborative approach today, the Stories’ Timeline will make it easier to manage the actions the team needs to finalise and sign-off your plans.

Graphs and images

Build your story using data tables and graphs from SPM Assets seamlessly.

Key benefits of Stories

  • Engage and inform your key stakeholders with the dedicated collaboration space to share and collect their feedback. This helps everyone to understand what he or she needs to achieve.
  • Quickly gather and share data from other SPM Assets modules with your colleagues to gain more insightful feedback.
  • Reduce writing time, as you can quickly develop your story from the built-in templates.
  • Your data is kept safe and secure within the protected environment of SPM Assets software.
  • Become agile and share business insights to improve decision-making and produce better products and services.
  • Fully functional and accessible on laptop and tablet devices.

Next step: find out more about activating Stories for your organisation

If you’d like to find out more about the Stories asset management tool, contact your Account Manager, or if you’re new to SPM Assets, contact our Australian, New Zealand, or US office. You’ll find contact details here.