The importance of managing property assets as a valuable wealth source

Property, in its various forms, has long been considered one of the most tangible and enduring forms of wealth. Beyond its monetary value, property often holds the key to our livelihoods, our businesses, and even our communities. However, the true wealth embodied in property extends far beyond its market price. It lies in the potential for prosperity, growth, and well-being that these assets can provide, not just for today, but for generations to come.

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SPM Assets well received at the ServiceNow Forum

The Now Platform facilitates a seamless integration between these systems, and SPM Assets sees this as a way to integrate our applications with other systems.

Tips and tricks for quick and accurate surveys

Peter Mowchanuk, a lead surveyor at SPM Assets, suggests some tips to make sure a survey goes smoothly.

Why writing an AMP can be challenging for asset managers?

Developing your thinking, principles and data would take 90% of the time, but writing the Asset Management Plan may only take 10% of the time. 

Programs by SPM Assets will help bring your Annual Plan and LTP alive

SPM Assets has been involved in the LTP process for a number of New Zealand councils for a number of years.

Sharing our experience with the next generation

Students were introduced to asset management in the context of the built environment to inform and influence organisational decision making.

The whale, the butler and the future of SPM Assets

We've introduced a few new technologies over the past few months, including the renowned Docker whose mascot is a friendly looking blue whale.

SPM Assets partners with ServiceNow

Being a ServiceNow Technology Partner allows us to focus on insightful asset management planning solutions and be a part of a ‘platform that does everything’.

Making SPM Assets work better for you

SPM Assets have identified the need for a better way to more easily plan and visualise projects over time with a “magic” app which may phase out spreadsheets.  

"Because it's time for change" - Housing Summit

The 2018 Housing Summit hosted by the New Zealand Green Building Council focused on raising the standard of housing the issue of damp, cold houses.

AI meets AI - thoughts from Wouter Pels

For SPM Assets to keep up to date with the changing technology, it means working on new initiative for programs available to clients.

TEFMA Strategic Asset Management Webinar

To simplify, asset management can be considered as a way to ‘make facilities last forever’ - assuming there is an on-going need for these facilities.