What are Levels of Service, and why are they important?

Levels of Service are a fundamental building block of asset management planning. Here’s how to get started with them.

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Findings to date from the Programs focus group

We are excited about the trial of a new BI tool on top of the Programs database to provide the reporting and data interrogation capability.

How to survey a complex building from scratch

Peter Mowchanuk, a Lead Surveyor at SPM Assets, applies his experience in surveying to provide tips on how to efficiently carry out surveys.

Programs by SPM Assets - soft launch

Programs by SPM Assets allows you to plan your 2020 FY list of projects in a strategic way, resulting in a list of 'adopted' projects that meet your budget.

Community Housing Workshop, Sydney

The recent Community Housing Workshop brought up challenges that organisations have been facing within the sector.

IFMA Workplace Conference in North Carolina, USA

This year's International Facility Management Association (IFMA) Workplace Conference focused on knowledge exchange and collaboration.

Case study: managing large portfolios more efficiently

SPM Assets applied a 'timeboxed' approach to the infield assessments amongst other techniques to assess over $1 billion of assets over two hospitals in Perth.

SPM Assets well received at the ServiceNow Forum

The Now Platform facilitates a seamless integration between these systems, and SPM Assets sees this as a way to integrate our applications with other systems.

Tips and tricks for quick and accurate surveys

Peter Mowchanuk, a lead surveyor at SPM Assets, suggests some tips to make sure a survey goes smoothly.

Why writing an AMP can be challenging for asset managers?

Developing your thinking, principles and data would take 90% of the time, but writing the Asset Management Plan may only take 10% of the time. 

Programs by SPM Assets will help bring your Annual Plan and LTP alive

SPM Assets has been involved in the LTP process for a number of New Zealand councils for a number of years.

Sharing our experience with the next generation

Students were introduced to asset management in the context of the built environment to inform and influence organisational decision making.