What are Levels of Service, and why are they important?

Levels of Service are a fundamental building block of asset management planning. Here’s how to get started with them.

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Developing Levels of Service by Kees Beentjes

Kees Beentjes, Asset Management Specialist based in Auckland, provides her insights into developing levels of service and performance measures.

The Future of SaaS Applications - Who Will Win?

We believe that organisations of all sizes will eventually embrace SaaS applications that make a real difference to how you work.

ISO 55000 for Tertiary Education

In light of the topic, we called on the subject matter expertise of Mr Peter Way PSM from our Business Associate, IPWEA, to jointly deliver this Webinar.

IFMA World Workplace Conference 2017

The 2017 IFMA Workplace Conference in Houston had specific relevance to the city given their recovery following the hurricanes.

Case Study: Otago Polytechnic, NZ

The areas of improvement for Otago Polytechnic's asset planning approach covers aspects such as strategic asset management planning and lifecycle forecasts.

Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Action

The Bracken Road case study from WCC demonstrates how they use Building Information Modelling to cost effectively manage its property portfolio.

Remaining Useful Life of Municipal Assets

SPM Assets Technical Director Chris Jenkins’ IPWEA forum response highlights the importance of understanding the physical lives of municipal assets.

The Thinking Behind NAMS Property

The NAMS Group in New Zealand and IPWEA in Australia help with long term planning, providing updated asset management content as the industry develops.

Difference Between ‘Condition’ and ‘Defects’ (& why you should care)

Asset Planning Specialist Kerrie Warwick takes time to explain the difference between 'condition' and 'defects' - terms which are often confused and misused.