The importance of managing property assets as a valuable wealth source

Property, in its various forms, has long been considered one of the most tangible and enduring forms of wealth. Beyond its monetary value, property often holds the key to our livelihoods, our businesses, and even our communities. However, the true wealth embodied in property extends far beyond its market price. It lies in the potential for prosperity, growth, and well-being that these assets can provide, not just for today, but for generations to come.

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AI meets AI - thoughts from Wouter Pels

For SPM Assets to keep up to date with the changing technology, it means working on new initiative for programs available to clients.

TEFMA Strategic Asset Management Webinar

To simplify, asset management can be considered as a way to ‘make facilities last forever’ - assuming there is an on-going need for these facilities. 

New General Manager for Australia

We are pleased to announce that Sri Gullapalli has been promoted to the role of General Manager of Australia. Sri has been with SPM Assets in Sydney for nearly two years as our Solutions Manager. Sri has had a number of roles managing technical teams in the corporate sector and working within State Government organisations.

Asset Management - A South African Experience

GAPP Architects/Urban Designers developed an asset management process that complied with requirements, acting as a base for asset management for the entire portfolio.

Client stories from the SPM Assets Conference

This illustration drawn by Martin Coates summarises the presentations that occurred at the recent SPM Assets Conference in Auckland.

Your data - your asset intelligence

We are making it easier to enliven your data through new analytics and dashboards that merge your work-order data and asset information to provide new insights.

TEFMA Strategic Asset Management Workshop

AM success is based on Works Programmes, budgets, risk appetite and Levels of Service to stakeholder expectation regarding condition, functionality and amenity.

Developing Levels of Service by Kees Beentjes

Kees Beentjes, Asset Management Specialist based in Auckland, provides her insights into developing levels of service and performance measures.

The Future of SaaS Applications - Who Will Win?

We believe that organisations of all sizes will eventually embrace SaaS applications that make a real difference to how you work.

ISO 55000 for Tertiary Education

In light of the topic, we called on the subject matter expertise of Mr Peter Way PSM from our Business Associate, IPWEA, to jointly deliver this Webinar.

IFMA World Workplace Conference 2017

The 2017 IFMA Workplace Conference in Houston had specific relevance to the city given their recovery following the hurricanes.