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29 Jan 2020

Housing providers meeting local needs

Housing providers meeting local needs
Housing providers worldwide have the goal of creating homes that provide the basics. Yet differences in cultural expectations, compliance laws, funding, and even the weather influences the approach taken. Kate Mulligan gives an overview of the key drivers in the US, UK, NZ, and Australia.
27 Nov 2019

Data collection made easier with Mobile

Mobile asset management software
Capturing accurate asset data creates the foundation of bottom-up asset management planning. Our Mobile software simplifies the inspection process: it's been designed by inspectors for inspectors, to make their jobs easier.
29 Oct 2019

How to gain clarity on your project priorities

Project Portfolio Management
One of the common problems in asset management worldwide is getting all your asset-related projects together in one place. That's why we've created Programs to make it easier and faster for you to prioritise your projects.
25 Sep 2019

NZ Regional User Groups - promoting collaborative solutions

This is the 5th year in a row we've held our Regional User Groups for New Zealand customers. We find out from David Long, General Manager New Zealand, what the benefits are from attending - and what common themes are cropping up.
23 Aug 2019

Collaborating on asset management: Stories makes it possible

Stories, the new software module we launched last month, is already proving to be a valuable collaboration tool for many of our customers. If you’re wondering how Stories would benefit you, here are two example use cases that cover fire extinguisher maintenance analysis and a roof replacement business case.

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