How to manage your asset portfolio in times of instability: a New Zealand perspective

Thoughts for asset managers on how to best manage your property portfolio, from a New Zealand perspective, even in these turbulent times.

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How Asset Owners are responding to Covid-19

Yes – the world has changed. However, what hasn’t changed is the need for better asset utilisation and planning.

The key ingredients to achieving good asset management outcomes this is having solid data models and analytics to make informed decisions from.

Analytics of your Work Orders

Work order management can seem an overwhelming task: how to prioritise projects, and get onto the proactive tasks, when you’re constantly firefighting?

And how do you begin to get visibility of how effective your team really is?

Webinars: Master your asset management strategy

During April and May, we’re hosting a series of free webinars to help you master your asset management strategy.

Putting off repairs due to coronavirus ‘very dangerous’

Apartment owners and managers are putting lives and the health of residents at risk by cancelling repairs and maintenance works because of the pandemic.

Message from our CEO Steve Lyons

Within a few short weeks the world has become a more complex and uncertain place. Steve Lyons shares his thoughts on how asset management is now more important than ever, especially for critical assets, and how you can take this time to plan.

Employee showcase: Sarah Hayman-O’Reilly

In her new role as Customer Success Manager/Sales Engineer, Sarah uses her in-depth technical background, combined with her ability to champion the customer's viewpoint, to help users get the most out of our software.

Drone use improves property condition assessments

Read more about our property condition assessments services, or contact SPM Assets directly to discuss our drone inspection service.

5 ways to improve asset management planning

Managing stakeholders in Asset Management

Asset management projects consist of multiple stakeholders with diverse objectives. Find out how you can add value to all business functions.

Housing providers meeting local needs

Differences in cultural expectations, compliance laws, funding, and the weather, influence the housing providers. Find out the key drivers.

Data collection made easier with Mobile

Capturing accurate asset data creates the foundation of bottom-up asset management planning. Our Mobile software simplifies the inspection process: it's been designed by inspectors for inspectors, to make their jobs easier.