How to manage your asset portfolio in times of instability: a New Zealand perspective

Thoughts for asset managers on how to best manage your property portfolio, from a New Zealand perspective, even in these turbulent times.

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Reactive and planned maintenance - getting the balance right

Managing reactive and planned maintenance is a juggling act. How do you get it right? How do you become more proactive?

3 real life asset management challenges - and how to address them

Here are some of the most frequently encountered asset management challenges – with effective, practical solutions.

From Housing Challenge to Housing Crisis

Social housing across Australia and New Zealand are facing significant challenges both in the short and long term.


IPWEA - International Gold Standard in Asset Management

This article by IPWEA highlights the need for finance managers to understand all aspects of asset management.

Asset management planning for Community Housing Providers

SPM's eight step plan to effective asset management planning allows Community Housing Providers to maintain and fund upgrades of housing assets

What are the on-going building lifecycle costs of a new building?

Here’s a rule-of-thumb guide for on-going building lifecycle costs for new buildings, including operational & maintenance costs.

IPWEA Article - Why better asset management matters

This opinion article by IPWEA highlights the need for the discipline of Asset Management to be understood and embraced by the leadership of asset intensive businesses.

QR Codes used to provide property information to maintenance teams

Tāmaki Regeneration is taking an innovative approach, using QR codes to ensure their maintenance teams can access important property information.

SPM Assets Mobile Release - September 2020

The latest release of the SPM Assets Mobile product is now available, benefits include improved navigation and additional filtering functionality.

Is your asset management software delivering value?

For organisations, especially in social infrastructure industries, it’s important to look at return on investment in broader terms than purely financial.

A SPM User Group meeting coming to a place near you

With business returning to normal in NZ after lockdown we are re-instigating our Regional User Group Meetings in the upcoming months.

These User Group meetings are smaller, personalised asset management events that target the day-to-day challenges our customers have in their roles.