The importance of managing property assets as a valuable wealth source

Property, in its various forms, has long been considered one of the most tangible and enduring forms of wealth. Beyond its monetary value, property often holds the key to our livelihoods, our businesses, and even our communities. However, the true wealth embodied in property extends far beyond its market price. It lies in the potential for prosperity, growth, and well-being that these assets can provide, not just for today, but for generations to come.

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A SPM User Group meeting coming to a place near you

With business returning to normal in NZ after lockdown we are re-instigating our Regional User Group Meetings in the upcoming months.

These User Group meetings are smaller, personalised asset management events that target the day-to-day challenges our customers have in their roles.

Diego Abrianos new Chief Technology Officer

As an experienced people leader, Diego prides himself on bringing the best out of his teams and positively influence team culture and performance. Diego is excited to have join our team and we are equally excited to have him onboard.

Affordable asset management with Buildings.Plus

IPWEA recently published an article in their Intouch newsletter on how Buildings.Plus is helping Local Government entities manage their assets, ensuring that every dollar is spent wisely, especially during these challenging Covid times.

Boost Social Housing Investment with Asset Management

Find out why a strategic approach to asset management has become even more compelling for social housing investment.

4 Steps to a Strong Asset Management Foundation

Even if you have mature asset management processes in place, it's still worth checking to see if you've got the fundamentals right.

Why asset tracking is critical in an economic downturn?

IPWEA CEO David highlights the value of knowing your assets at the right level of detail and tracking them as part of the digital transformation process.

We love your honest feedback

Did you know that your feedback directly influences our Product Development Program, as well as our services? We take your comments seriously, and ask that customers look out for the AskNicely email that will be arriving in your Inbox in the coming months.

SPM Assets back in full swing

All of the SPM Assets teams in Australia and New Zealand worked through the lockdown, and now the Inspection teams are back at work too. During the lockdown we ran a series of 10 webinars which you may find useful to your asset management.

Build a strong foundation for your social housing investment strategy

Find out how social housing providers can position themselves to attract investment in existing and new developments and the challenges they face.

Guide to property lifecycle asset management planning

Guide to property lifecycle asset management outlining key principles and considerations in the planning process, that are buried in the IPWEA guidelines.

BGIS Case Studies - BAE and JORN

BGIS has partnered with SPM Assets to provide lifecycle intelligence to its facilities management clients across Australia and New Zealand.