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17 Nov 2014

FedEx Day: How to Deliver Innovation Overnight

FedEx Day: how to delivery innovation overnight
"In my role as Product Owner, I face the challenging task of channelling the creative genius of individuals in order to continually take our products forward and deliver value to our customers. The aim of the FedEx Day is to give people the freedom to be creative, try something radical, or scratch an itch that has been bugging them in their regular work." Nick Lampp
2 Oct 2014

The Thinking Behind NAMS Property

The thinking behind NAMS Property
Thinking long term means that we need to think well beyond the scheduled maintenance and servicing tasks. We need to think beyond reactive maintenance. We need to think beyond 5 years or even 10 years, and realise that to ensure properties are managed in a sustainable way, we need to think 30 years out. This is where NAMS in NZ and IPWEA in AU have stepped in.
16 Apr 2014

The Difference Between ‘Condition’ and ‘Defects’ (& why you should care)

The Difference Between ‘Condition’ and ‘Defects’
Asset Planning Specialist Kerrie Warwick takes time out to explain the difference between 'condition' and 'defects' - terms which are often confused and misused. Asset Managers who treat condition and defects separately will make better informed planning decisions and get more from their lifecycle and maintenance funding sources.